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God Mode is now Last Laugh!

Wilbert, Apr 18, 13 11:59 PM.
Welcome to the new revised guild website for <Last Laugh>, please feel free to browse the site and use the utilities provided. For all new members, please fill out the new applicant form and I will accept you as soon as possible. For more information about the guild, log on to the World of Warcraft darkspear server and message Sixfold or Beralt, thank you. 


Beralt's PoV

Wilbert, Apr 18, 13 11:49 PM.

World of Warcraft: Sixfold

Wilbert, Apr 18, 13 11:46 PM.

New World of Warcraft Video

Wilbert, Apr 18, 13 11:44 PM.

Expanding! World of Warcraft

Wilbert, Nov 2, 12 3:50 PM.
For those of you in the original God Mode, the Star Wars: The Old Republic guild on Prophecy of the Five, we are expanding! We've created a guild on World of Warcraft now, if you're interested, whisper Methodius, Beralt, or Poppacherry on the Ysondre realm, or just look up God Mode on the "Who" list.

     Wilbert / Methodius
Last Laugh Main Information

      Hello there, welcome to the <Last Laugh> official website! I will be updating this as much as possible, so please feel free to post in the forums and use the site!

Applying to become a member? Read Here: At the top of the site there is a place to sign up, I will accept your application as soon as possible!

    As of recently, we've really headed in a direction of PvP! If you're interested in PvP before level 90, now is the time to join! We spend a lot of time during the day (especially during the summer) online, PvPing! A little tip for those who don't know, your valor level can't exceed your actual combat level, for example, say I am level 25, and my valor level is 24. I can increase the valor level to 25, but it won't go beyond 25 until I actually level up. Many people spend too much time doing unnecessary PvP, or not enough!

    We're doing flashpoints as we level up our alternate characters, but we really are interested in recruiting lower level characters, and higher level characters interested in routinely doing flash-points. Just because we are doing a lot of PvP now, doesn't mean we don't want to stop PvE. A healthy balance of PvP and PvE in a game can really make a difference in how much time you spend enjoying yourself!

If you're level 50... We want you to join! Currently we are trying to form a casual flashpoint / operation group. We have one potential tank and dps at the moment!

New PvP Video! Cool Stuff! 720p guys! Rusco - Padain - Anako

       Thanks for your video Anako!

First Official GodMode youtube video! Subscribe!!!  

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